We lower the entry fee for the #SOFT class and divide it into stages 💥

Entry fee: PLN 1107 / stage, and all at a PROMOTIONAL PRICE: PLN 2214 😎

The #SOFT class consists of two stages:

Stage I:✅ Scenic routes designed for the whole family - adventure and discovering the picturesque corners of the region.

Stage II:✅ Off-road competitions giving you the chance to test your and your car's capabilities - special stages and stamps.

Each of the individual stages has a separate classification. Together with them, the General classification is carried out, for which you can win the main prize of the class #SOFT.

SOFT class specification:

Grade 🔥 SOFT 🔥Off-road route with various obstacles. During individual stages, the crews have to pass CP (passage control points) - "stamps" and taped special sections on time, besides, there are also scenic routes waiting for competitors. Not all obstacles may be achievable. Ability to earn trials for "higher" classes when earning normal SOFT class scores.

✅ Drive system:

➡️ any engine,

➡️ acceptable installation of non-series differential locks,➡️ serial axles,

➡️ suspension lift allowed,

➡️ portal axles not allowed.

✅ Body:

➡️ serial, closed, unmodified

✅ Winch:

➡️ Any one winch is ALLOWED in front of the A-pillar

✅ Towing hooks:

➡️ mandatory: front + rear of the vehicle.

✅ Running axles:

➡️ 2

✅ Tyres:

➡️ diameter up to 35 inches,

➡️ allowable tread type: AT / MT

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